Toshiba Chromebook Launch.

Chromebook is a category of laptops and mobile devices that run Google’s cloud-based Chrome OS operating system. The devices are keenly priced as most of the computing power and storage is carried out in the cloud.   Our client Toshiba launched their own Chromebook and we were tasked with securing coverage of the device and highlighting its strengths to potential customers.

The Brief

Chromebook can be a difficult concept for non-computer literate people to fully grasp. The product offers a range of benefits that may seem counter-intuitive to those used to traditional laptops and so our primary task was to communicate how cloud can be better but cloud with Toshiba is best.


The Plan

Toshiba Chromebook offered a lot of market leading advantages. It’s sleek and lightweight design and competitive cost made it a compelling offering were it a traditional laptop but, to ensure that Chrome OS was understood, we created a broad-reaching campaign.

Print and broadcast media would be key but we wanted to ensure that consumers, who had their interest piqued by the coverage, would find a range of objective information online when researching a purchase.

Blogger Outreach

We reached out to bloggers and online personalities that covered consumer electronics and gave them personal demonstrations of the Chromebook as well as review units. This created a range of coverage on high ranking tech sites such as, Geektech and Ireland’s Technology Blog.  We’ve cultivated real personal relationships with the blogging community over time so we were able to quickly meet many of them and put the product right in their hands.

Media Outreach

Concurrent to this, we reached out to traditional media with personal demonstrations and review units. The pickup was broad with coverage appearing in each of the national print technology columns as well as on national radio and even a 5 minute slot on TV3.


Chromebook was a hit with every blogger and journalist who reviewed it and by taking a personal approach to the review process, we were able to preempt misunderstandings in terms of what and who it is intended for with the concept communicated accurately across all media with a strong Google footprint of positive reviews.

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